Railway transport has a large variety of rolling stock which allows delivering cargo of various parameters at any distance and in any type of loading. Currently container rail transportation becomes the most popular both in international and domestic railway transportations. It becomes the most popular among customers as one of the main components of multimodal transportation


• lower cost of transportation, especially when it comes to delivering for long distances;

• ability to deliver a large volume of goods immediately;

• independence from climate conditions (icing roads, snow banks and poor visibility);

• powerful possibilities of transportation of heavy and bulky loads;

• high regularity of traffic.

We can arrange railway container delivery as a part of a multimodal transportation anywhere in Russia. No matter if the transportation is from Vladivostok to Novosibirsk or from Novorossiysk to Almaty, we handle it. Due to direct contracts with train operating companies we can offer the most economic mode of transportation.
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