Less container load(LCL)

During crisis many companies are thinking about optimizing the logistics – some of them no longer transport, most of them reduced volume, some – began to transport very rarely. But what about those for whom it is necessary to transport but not the whole container and they need to work?
The optimal way today is LCL transportation – is transportation of consolidated cargoes.

LCL or Less Container Load is international maritime carrying of small consolidated shipments of goods in a single container; consigners are different, and there are also often different addresses of consignees. International sea cargo transportation (LCL) has special and important advantage – low cost of transportation, because the customer only pays for the space needed for his goods in the container, not the cost of providing the whole 20 or 40 foot container.

• Partial loading of the container;

• Paying only for the occupied space in the container, starting from 1 cu. meters;

• Extensive network of ports of departure;

• Profitable cost of delivery.

As a result companies can avoid interrupting their production cycles and run continuously. This way of delivery is very popular in the area of trade and small enterprise.

The undeniable advantages of LCL transportation are:

• Saving on the cost of transportation;

• Efficient replenishment of goods based on demand;

• Optimization of use of working capital for the purchase of goods;

• Minimization of costs for storage of goods.

Our company carries consolidated cargoes from the main ports of China and Turkey.
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